Scheduled Hunts for 2015

Wyoming Disabled Hunters will be providing hunts for both elk and deer in the fall of 2015.

To qualify for these hunts, hunters will first have to qualify for a Wyoming Disabled Hunters permit from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Wyoming Disabled Hunters offers financial assistance for people that qualify for financial assistance per our guidelines.  Ask for a Financial Assistance form when requesting information about the hunts we offer.

Deer hunt

The tentative dates for the deer hunt are November 1st through November 4th. The deer hunt is for bowing hunting only.

WDH will be taking 10 deer hunters. Five in state and five out of state hunters.

Hunters will be responsible for their license cost and their transportation to Wyoming.

Elk hunts

The Elk hunt will start in October.

Wyoming Disabled Hunters will be taking a total of 12 elk hunters this year. Eight will be for cow elk and the other Four will be for bull elk.

The Four bull elk hunts and Four of the Cow Elk hunts are for qualifying disabled veterans only that have a 65% percent or higher service related disability rating from the VA. These elk hunters will be using rifle only during the hunts.

The tentative dates for the other Four Cow Elk hunts will start during November.

The elk hunts will be in two different areas of Wyoming.

For more information on these hunts please use our Contact page and direct any questions to our president, Corey McGregor.

Happy Hunting!

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Thank you your help with the 2014 Hunt!

On behalf of the board members of Wyoming Disabled Hunters, we would like to thank the following for their support of our 2014 hunt: 


  • Chuck & Marilyn Walker
  • Tom and Joyce Bales
  • Ken & Glenda Hahn
  • Hoodoo Ranch
  • Mike McCue
  • Joe Tilden
  • T. E. Ranch
  • Doug Kappelmann
  • Mooncrest Ranch
  • Grizzly Ranch
  • Tom Yearsley
  • Clif & Jan Franklin
  • Hyatt Ranch
  • Steve Bales
  • Lloyd Thiel

Companion Hunters: 

  • Vince McCallam
  • Cory Cole
  • Clay Olsen
  • Shawne Burke
  • Bruce Fauskee
  • Dan Mack
  • Chip Clouse
  • Mike Fuerth
  • Charlie Moore
  • Russ Lundvall
  • Bryce Fauskee
  • Marion DeBusk
  • Bruce Bourquin
  • Terry Jeffers
  • Kirk Odegaard

Hyattville Hunt Volunteers & Donors: 

  • Anita Coleman
  • Manuel Amezcua
  • Armidee Amezcua
  • John & Carolyn Alm
  • Duaine Peterson
  • Ben Meldreth
  • Andy Kiefer
  • Cow Camp Diner & Lounge
  • Northern Wyoming News
  • Outdoorsman
  • Fremont Beverage
  • Arby’s Worland
  • Rumor’s Sports Bar & Grill
  • Wildlife Creations
  • Right Choice
  • IGA Worland
  • Blair’s Worland
  • Paint Rock Meat Processing 

Donors & Volunteers:

  • Pizza on the Run
  • Chinatown
  • Dairy Queen
  • Sunset House
  • Car Quest Cody & Powell
  • Arby’s
  • NAPA Powell
  • Albertson’s
  • Wal-Mart
  • Raffle donors
  • Linton’s Big R
  • Rocky Mountain Sports
  • Fremont Beverages
  • IGA Powell
  • Blair’s Powell
  • Dominoes Pizza
  • El Tapatio
  • Lamplighter
  • The Cutting Room
  • Denny’s Sports
  • Irma Hotel
  • Smokehouse
  • Wagler Meats
  • Roger’s Meats
  • Sulfur Creek Taxidermy
  • Powell Tribune
  • Sunlight FCU
  • Nature’s Design Taxidermy
  • Timber Ridge Taxidermy
  • Cody HS Honor Society
  • The Job Box
  • Arrowhead RV
  • Big Horn Basin SFW
  • Back Country Horsemen
  • Irma Flat Mothers Club
  • Big Horn Co-op 
  • Cody Country Cattle Women
  • Park County Rec Board
  • Country Corner Upholstery
  • O’Rieley Auto
  • Kiwanis Powell
  • Tanager Beverage
  • Cody Lions Club
  • Powell Lions Club
  • Fremont Beverages
  • Byron Bar
  • Bull Moose Retreat
  • Ann Trosper
  • Krista Quarles
  • Blake Smith
  • Joe York
  • Bryan Venama
  • Berna Ost
  • Mike Bromley
  • Judy Siddle
  • Virginia Ballinger
  • Barb Hudson
  • Deb Kobbe
  • Nic Ward
  • Forrest Musser
  • Andy Scott
  • Mike Healy
  • Kelcie Harris
  • Pete Idama Family
  • Forrest Holso
  • Reba Borden
  • Mary & Fran Vandevegaete
  • Nick Allen Photography
  • Minna & Roy Holms
  • Many Dessert Donors
  • Anonymous Donors
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2014 Wyoming Disabled Hunters Raffle Winners

List of Raffle winners for 2014

 Stewart Bower, Worland, WY – AR-15 Rifle


Donna Langelier, Thermopolis, WY – 270 Rifle

Willie Underberg, Larchwood, IA – Pistol

Caleb Flores, Powell, WY – $500 Rocky Mtn Gift Certificate

Jessica Thebeau, Worland, WY – Horseshoe Rug

Alice O’ Dell, Mountain View, WY – Horse Rug

Tony Hitt, Cowley, WY – Handmade Quilt

Val Knutson, Lander, WY – Pheasant Lamp

Dean Spangers, DePere, WI – Fishing rod and net

Stephanie Ramsey, Powell, WY – WY Book

Niel Adams, Red Lodge, MT – Leather Canteen

Jerry Opsel, Williston, ND – Red Folding Chair

Courtney, Legler, Cody, WY – Blue Folding Chair

Jack Eckley, Cody, WY – Basket of Knives

Wes Jackson, Bryon, WY – Bear Print

Kermit Askin, Powell, WY – Custom Wood Clock

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