Volunteers Welcome

The public support for Wyoming Disabled Hunters has been awesome!  Rooms, meals, beverages and a hunting device and miscellaneous items having been donated from around the country.

The landowner support has been over whelming. As we picked up the ground blinds from last years hunt, the response from several landowners was, ‘hope to see you next fall!”.

We would love to have YOU as a volunteer!

Volunteers are needed for these areas:

The Hunt

  • Landowners

  • Companion hunters

  • Meat processing

  • Scout for the blinds

  • Blind set up

  • Blind take down

  • Help with applications and licenses

  • Transportation to/from airport


  • Lodging/clean up committee

  • Meals

  •  Transportation-van/trailers

  • Banquet


  • Head up raffle

  • Committee to think up other fundraising/raffles

  • Person in charge of contacts

  • Grant writing

  • Someone to work with honor society

To Volunteer your time, group or organization please contact us! Let’s make this the best year ever!